Exposure to a second language or two at a young age prepares students to think in terms of a world that is accessible to them throughout their lives.

The goal of the World Language exposure at St.Mark’s is to introduce the rich cultures of the world’s great languages and the traditions of the people who use them. Students will become comfortable with and curious about the diversity we know as our world, and their minds will be ready to study foreign languages at the secondary school level.


All students, from the Early Learning Program I through sixth grade, receive Spanish instruction. Led by a native speaker, immersion (no english) is used during each class to learn the basics of communicating in Spanish. Students will be able to introduce themselves and family members to people in Spanish speaking countries. They will be able to ask basic personal information questions, such as names, age, favorite color, favorite fruits, family members, and others of interest. This will allow students to feel more confident as they travel with family and friends, as well as they develop skills to meet new friends in North and South America, The Caribbean, and Spain.