At St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School, our learners are innovators, problem solvers, collaborators, communicators, and leaders. Each child is unique, yet all are masters of core digital competencies that empower them to learn and to lead in our global community.
St. Mark’s equips all learners to employ digital tools to solve real-world challenges creatively and effectively, thereby transforming our local and global community. Technology integration at St. Mark’s is purposeful and authentic. Learners develop skills that build as they explore and apply technology tools with growing complexity.  

Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten and continuing through third grade, students attend Innovation Lab classes with courses designed to instruct and equip them in all areas of expected digital proficiency according to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards and student learning profiles. In fourth through sixth grade classrooms, technology instruction is fully integrated with 1:1 devices and the Google Apps for Education platform, and classroom instruction is infused with personalized technology integration for all learners.

Through St. Mark’s comprehensive technology and innovation curriculum, students master fundamental concepts in keyboarding, computer science and programming, word processing, multimedia presentation software, and academic research.  Learners also cultivate an awareness of digital citizenship and ethics in both online and offline character and behavior. The Innovation Lab features mobile workstations for flexible classroom design with access to both iMacs and iPads, providing opportunities for students to develop proficiency across multiple digital platforms. The Innovation Lab is equipped with 3D printing capability for lab instruction and interdisciplinary integration projects. The Iab also houses a variety of programming robots designed to teach children of all ages how to code, including the Wonder Workshop CleverBots, Ozobots, Ozmo, and many others.    

Authentic classroom integration is at the core of St. Mark’s vision for technology and innovation.  To facilitate technology integration, students in Pre-Kindergarten through third grade use iPads in the classroom for both independent and collaborative practice.  Students in fourth and fifth grade are each issued a MacBook laptop, and sixth grade students are all issued iPad Pros with a smart keyboard and stylus for daily classroom use.  All students in fourth through sixth grade create, maintain, and share projects and interdisciplinary works they have developed using the Google Apps for Education platform.  

Faculty delivers personalized instruction using both MacBook laptops and iPads while employing the Google Apps for Education suite to facilitate differentiated instruction and communication with students and parents regarding student learning objectives and growth.  Professional development and training fuels technology integration in classrooms across campus by connecting teachers and administrators with leading educational research and digital learning tools that serve as resources for differentiation.  

All throughout campus, students explore and apply personalized digital learning tools in developmentally appropriate and increasingly complex ways.  The graduates of St. Mark’s are known as digital citizens who think strategically, communicate clearly, solve problems creatively and effectively, collaborate skillfully, and innovate naturally, all while masterfully applying a variety of technology and innovation tools to accomplish their learning goals.