Our music program provides students with a foundation of musical skills to help them develop a lifelong enjoyment of music. Students are engaged in a diverse assortment of activities designed to expand their ability to express music through singing, playing instruments, improvising, movement and listening activities.
Students are exposed to a broad variety of musical styles and traditions from many cultures around the world.
Our classroom instruments include non-pitched percussion instruments (drums, rattles, bells, etc.), pitched percussion (xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, and timpani), guitars, ukuleles, and soprano recorders. Students are also able to practice skills and enhance their music reading abilities at their own pace using our Music Ace computer program.

Singing is a strong element of the fiber of our school. Students share their gift of song at weekly chapels, as well as many special occasions throughout the year. Each student in grades one through six, participates in a special musical performance for the Christmas season. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth grades also perform an exciting Spring musical each year.