The Christian education program endeavors to help students relate to God with joy, love, and trust. The Bible provides the foundation upon which all instruction is based. A respect for the various traditions of other denominations and faiths is encouraged. Chapel services, classroom instruction, daily devotions, prayer, Scripture memory, and the discussion and teaching of biblical values help students in developing an understanding of the Christian faith.

First through sixth grade chapel services are held each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Special Chapel in the Park services are held occasionally throughout the year along the river in the neighboring Stockton Park. Fifth and sixth grade students serve in chapel services as acolytes, chapel leaders, and readers. Holy Eucharist is celebrated monthly.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten holds its own chapel services on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Led by teachers and the Christian Formation Director from St. Mark's Church, Kindergarten students serve as acolytes. These age-appropriate services are fun and interactive and teach of God's love for each child.

The two year olds in the Early Learning Program have an age-appropriate chapel on Thursdays.
Various priests of St. Mark’s Church, the school staff, teachers, and guest speakers lead chapel services. St. Mark’s welcomes all students regardless of religious affiliation.