Our art program is designed to build confidence and encourage creative thinking through a variety of mediums and activities. Our students develop personal proficiency as they experiment with different media including, drawing, painting, graphics, collage, and sculpture.
Art class is attended by students in Pre Kindergarten I through sixth grade, in the fully equipped art suite.
Pre Kindergarten I & II and Kindergarten students are exposed to art to develop small motor skills such as cutting, coloring, gluing, and shaping small clay forms as well as to acquire an understanding of the basic elements of art, (line, shape, texture, form and composition) spatial relationships, background consideration, and color combinations.

Students in first and second grades continue their studies of the basics of art by encouraging their creative thinking skills and forming an awareness of art in nature and the world. Mediums will include oil, chalk, ink, mixed media, and will also correlate into curriculum studied in the classroom.

Third through sixth graders will gain an increasing respect for art and will become familiar with great artists and their work. Students will fine tune their skills by using perspective and observation skills of sizes and shapes in placement of a composition.