Learning Specialist Team

What is the Learning Specialist Team (LST)?

The purpose of the Learning Specialist Team is to work in concert with teachers and families to maximize student growth and achievement, preparing students to reach their full potential. The Learning Specialist Team supports professional development for new and veteran teachers regarding learning styles and classroom instruction.
One of the most important functions of the Learning Specialist Team is to help teachers provide differentiated instruction within the classroom. The team members and classroom teachers work in small groups on various levels with distinct goals in mind. These goals are established by the teacher and reviewed with the Learning Specialist Team member, keeping in mind the students’ academic abilities and needs. The primary role is to support and enhance the educational process of our students, this can look different year to year contingent upon grade level needs.
Additional individualized instruction is available as recommended for students. This can be during the school day, if necessary and after or before school for tutoring.
The Learning Specialist Team…
  • supports all classrooms in grades K-6 with in class small group work with the classroom teachers in the classroom,
  • coordinates standardized testing for the school,
  • works with the Admission team for assessment and acceptance to the school,
  • provides training and support for the Developments Reading Assessment (DRA2),
  • organizes and maintains the leveled reading library,
  • provides training and support for in class leveled reading groups,
  • provides training and support for math curriculum implementation, and
  • provides appropriate accommodations as recommended by a professional.

List of 2 items.

  • On-Campus Speech & Language Therapist

    We have a contracted speech therapist who can provide evaluations and recommended speech therapy. 
  • After-School Tutoring

    Tutoring also falls under the umbrella of the Learning Specialist Team. Any requests for tutoring are coordianted with the Director of the Learning Specialist Team.
“St Mark’s commitment to having teachers trained in specialized learning processes has helped my children and many other students at our school. I cannot stress enough how appreciative my husband and I am for having this program available in our school.
- A current St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School Parent