A major part of St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School’s mission is to instill Christian values. Our Christian education curriculum presents concepts related to the biblical and historical doctrines of the Christian faith, as well as fosters a respect for the various traditions of other denominations and faiths. Chapel services, classroom instruction, daily devotions, prayer, scripture memory, and the discussion and teaching of biblical values help students develop an understanding of the Christian faith.
The character education program based on “the fruits of the spirit,” teaches students about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

September - KINDNESS

Teacher Nominated: Jacob H., Townsend M., Elijah F., Anne Harvey M., Trip G., Lauren W., Kathleen S., Jack P., Julia D., Meggie K., Jack L., Abbay M., Kai G., Luke M., Luke A., Gracie H., Gwynne L., Margaret B., William A., Henry G., Hannah M., Allie R., Harrison S.
Peer Nominated: Townsend M., Maryann A., Grace B., Richard N., Catherine N., Elizabeth G., Kalani L., Davison G., William C., Tesla S., Abram A., Stuart C.


Teacher Nominated: Helen C., Tom C., Will C., Mackenzie T., Briana D., Geoffrey R., Pedro G., Kainalu L., Catherine N., Grant B., Carter T., Nathan W., Thomas C., Ann C., Davison G., Gavin B., Louisa H., Matt P., Tesla S., Rivers C., Mari C., Reese C., Leelah S.

Peer Nominated: Kate A., Cate W., Lucy W., Henry B., Alex I., Emily C., Ella B., Gracie H., Mimi D., Jordan B., Payton M., Merritt Y.


Teacher Nominated:  Saylor C., Isabel L., Gracie B., Christopher R., Maggie P., Reilly S., Garland R., Madeleine W., Gracie H., Kalani L., Kailyn R., Jake K., David S., Dallis M., Teddy W., Robert A., Natalie C.

Peer Nominated: Everett S., Lily H., Mary Emma C., Reese C., Andrew C., Claire W., Cora Nancy A., Will H., Maggie K., Madi M., Rivers C., Austin S.


Teacher Nominated: Kate A., Amelia D., Cort M., Madi R., Jake B., Bella B., Alex I., Richard N., Ann Lowery E., Dillan M., Ella B., Phillip L., Annie A., Mason B., Meg F., Kevin M., Mimi D., Helen E., Makaila T., Jordan B., Emme G., Andrew H., Julia L., Payton M., Stuart C., Merritt Y.

Peer Nominated: Helen C., Brian J., Lucy R., Lauren W., Garland R., Kyle C., Logan J., Marley M., Kevin M., Michael R., Jake K., Teddy W., Sarah Frances M., Natalie C.

MAY - Self-Control

Teacher Nominated: Aiden C., Reagan G., Brian J., Austin S., Henry B., Reese C., Ella H., Rees L., Maggie B., Michael Scott B., Anne Catherine G., Ramsay W., Cynthia Anne W., William C., Meredith C., Emery D., Gavin G., Madi M., Kayden S., Graham S., Lily B., Sam P., Mason G., Mary Rose W.

Peer Nominated: Isabel L., Madi Roulhac B., Briana D., Lexie S., Sam C., Lyla B., Thomas C., Ann C., Lucy P., Meredith C., Ivan L., Chase S., Sam P., Ellie S.


Teacher Nominated: Adriana H., Everett S., Maryann A., Lilian B., Ella O., Sophie B., Andrew C., Lyla B., Hannah B., Logan J., Aubrey L., Mary Carol E., Marley M., Bella M., Lucy P., Maggie K., Ivan L., Chase S., Anna G., Sarah Frances M., Gracie Bell C., Nicholas S.
Peer Nominated: Saylor C., Anne Harvey M., Bella B., Declan M., Madeleine W., Grant B., Roe A., Luke A., Gwynne L., Emme G., Lily B., Robert A.


Teacher Nominated: Gertrude H., Ben M., Maddie C., Lucy R., Grace B., Courtney T., Lexie S., Ginny K., Jack A., McRae B., Carson C., Cora Nancy A., Luke G., William R., Julian G., Michael R., Robert M., Maddox R., Roman D., Roy H., Maddox D., Savannah S., Kaylee B., Benjamin D.

Peer Nominated: Tom C., Lily B., Courtney T., Sophie B., Jack P., Carter T., Rees L., Scott B., Helen E., Margaret B., Hannah M., Harrison S.

February - Joy

Teacher Nominated: Andrew H., Sarah W., Jackson H., Cate W., Hannah P., Lucy W., Suki B., Charles H., Emily C., Sam C., Claire W., Max K., Leah K., Robin S., Mary Elizabeth C., Will H., Annie A., H B., Sam O., Abram A., Amare' T., Cruz H., Ellie S.

Peer Nominated: Andrew H., Maddie C., Ella O., Kathleen S., Ford R., Jack A., Mary Carol E., Ramsay W., Makaila T., Annie A., Reese C., Maddox D., Amelia D.


Teacher Nominated: Kate B., Ciara S., Anna W., Declan M., Elizabeth G., Roe A., Aubrey F., Scott B., Julian G., Savanna L., Brandon D., Greyson M., Walker R., Amelia W., Dallis M., Michael S., Charlotte B., Charlie P., Wright B., Austin S.

Peer Nominated: Jacob H., Pedro G., Ann Lowery E., Nathan W., Kailyn R., Cynthia Anne W., Greyson M., Dallis M., Anna G., Leelah S.