Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love St. Mark's

By Christina Spencer, a Parent of Kindergarten and Second Grade students

1. Christian Values

St. Marks is unapologetically Christian. Yes, with Chapel services throughout the week and Christian Ed. it is expected, but there is just an overarching love and joy on this campus. They sing songs of praise, children read the scriptures (giving them practice in public speaking skills and leadership), but what I love most, is when each grade sends a representative up to the microphone to read their classroom prayer requests and praises. It goes something like this:

Please be with my Grandma as she has surgery.
Please keep my mommy and daddy safe as they travel away from home this week.
Please be with my pet gerbil in heaven.

Wow! This world throws so much negativity at our kids how wonderful that they can go to school and get support from their peers, who understand what they are going through, and pray them through it!

I believe as parents it is our responsibility to teach to teach our children our value systems, but how great it is that where they spend so much of their day away from us, God’s love is not only taught but demonstrated on a daily basis.