Super Summer Readers

Recognizing students who reached a summer reading goal.
Congratulations to the students who collectively read over 100,000 pages this summer! We are so proud of their dedication and love of reading. In addition to receiving certificates in Chapel, the students will celebrate this Friday with an ice cream party.
Third Grade – 1,700+ Pages
McRae B., Lizzy G., Aubrey L., Abbay M., Dillan M., Claire W.,  Abram A., William A., Julia L., Sarah Frances M., Charlie P., Sam P.
Fourth Grade – 2,500+ Pages
Andrew C., Sam C., Kyle C., Ann Lowery E., Catherine N., Ford R., Alex I., Declan M., Richard N.
Fifth Grade – 2,500+ Pages
Luke A., Maggie B., Michael Scott B., Scott B., Meg F., Anne Catherine G., Savanna L., Lucy P., Cynthia Anne W., Kate A., Kate B., Tom C., Isabel L., Anna W.,
Sixth Grade 6 – 2,500+ Pages
Bella B., Grace B., Mary Emma C., Hannah P., Lucy W., Lauren W., Madi R., Maddie C., Cort M., Lucy R., Mackenzie T., Cate W.