George Washington's Breakfast

Do you know what George Washington ate for breakfast everyday? St. Mark's 3rd graders do! Together as a class, third graders recently read George Washington's Breakfast, by Jean Fritz, discovering many facts about our nation's first president's life.

To culminate their reading, students enjoyed a George Washington-themed breakfast complete with white linen tablecloths, silver tea service, and china. Polite table manners were on display and conversation consisted of the day's politics, just as it would have been for George Washington. We also had some special guests to help cook and serve. We think they may have known George Washington himself!

As for what he ate for breakfast, only those who have been in 3rd grade at St. Mark's know the answer to that and their lips are sealed!

Special thank you to all of the parent volunteers that helped make this special tradition in 3rd grade happen!