5th Grade Service Learning Club project

Service learning is an important aspect of student life at St. Mark's. Hands-on experiences in each grade level, Kindergarten through 6th grade, intentionally use service activities to engage our students, enhance curriculum, affirm character values, and build relationships in the community, locally and globally. 

This year, fifth graders have collaborated on a few organizations they are passionate about helping through their service learning. Their first project is collecting items for the Jacksonville Humane Society. While the Humane Society collects many items, 5th graders are collecting items that you may already have at home as they are asking parents/grandparents not to spend money.

Below is a list of the items they are collecting now through September 26th. Collection bins have been placed around campus for items to be placed in. Please kindly wash any gently used items.
  • Gently used blankets without any stuffing (washed)
  • Gently used towels (washed)
  • Open dog food (no prescription food)
  • Open cat food (no prescription food)
  • Open cat treats
  • Open dog treats
  • Gently used/clean dog toys (if they can be washed like Kong)
  • Gently used/clean cat toys (if they can be washed)
  • Gently used cloth leashes (washed) – (no retractable leashes) 
  • Gently used cloth collars (washed) – (no harnesses, pinch/prong collars, etc)
  • Gently used lacrosse balls (clean)
  • Gently used crate (clean)
The following items will be used by students to make toys for the animals
  • Socks - gently used and washed
  • Tennis balls - gently used / clean
  • T-shirts - gently used and washed
  • Wine corks - washed 
If you or your child is also interested in helping make toys at home to donate, the Jacksonville Humane Society has a Pinterest page with DIY projects for kids: