4th grade goes to Tallahassee!

Tallahassee or Bust!
Last week, 4th grade students traveled to Tallahassee as part of their studies of United States history for a unique learning experience. The trip was also a great refresher on everything they learned in 3rd grade about Florida history. During their visit, students toured the State Capitol and had a chance to meet District 15 State Representative Wyman Duggan. Representative Duggan showed students the House Chamber while explaining its history and purpose. Next, they met with St. Mark’s alum, Wilson Brantley ‘05, who escorted them to the top floor of the Capitol building for a panoramic view of Tallahassee. Wilson currently works in the Elections Office at the State Attorney's Office and was wonderful in explaining to the students what he does there. Due to the rainy weather, Father Dave Killan, former associate rector at St. Mark's, welcomed us into the fellowship hall of his current Parrish, St. John's Episcopal Church, where students had a chance to tour the sanctuary and learn some of its history; including a glimpse of the organ that was used to create the song 'Jingle Bells', and where Mrs. Draper (St. Mark’s Media Specialist) was baptized as a child! The trip concluded with a visit to the Florida Museum of History where students had a hands-on lesson with artifacts from Florida’s past and present.

This week, 4th graders have embarked on a quest to establish world peace during The World Peace Games. We can’t wait to see them use all of their knowledge about history. Stay tuned for an update soon!