Puff and Puff Jr.'s homecoming!

For anyone who knows our Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Mahoney, you know that her class “pets”, Puff and Puff Jr., hold a very special place in each of her student’s hearts (and hers!). The day after Valentine’s Day, Puff and Puff Jr. flew away. The only evidence found was a cryptic note on the board with a green heart (Puff’s favorite color), a sad face, and Puff’s name (Puff Jr. doesn’t write). After a lot of thought and investigation, the students pieced together that Puff and Puff Jr. were sad that no one had thought of them on Valentine’s Day. The students decided the best course of action to bring them home was to place green hearts all around campus with messages telling Puff and Puff Jr. how much they loved and missed them. In the days following, there were a few sightings of Puff on campus by teachers. Finally, last Friday, Puff and Puff Jr. came home (they somehow landed in a 3rd grader's backpack!).