Mike Thaler visits St. Mark's

Last week, Mike Thaler, author of the Black Lagoon series books, visited our campus! Students in Pre-K I - 6th grade enjoyed listening to Mr. Thaler read some of his favorite stories.

Mike Thaler's children series, The Black Lagoon, explores kids' fears of the unknown - meeting new people, having new teachers, and experiencing new classes.  His main character has "school anxiety" about new things around his campus. After reading many of Mr. Thaler's books, 5th grade Language Arts students decided to "flip the script" by creating descriptive paragraphs and creative illustrations using Mike Thaler's techniques to depict their own 5th grade class from The Black Lagoon.Each paragraph was written from Mike Thaler’s perspective. In the end “all is well” just as the main character “Hubie” realizes in the series.

As an interesting twist, 6th grade Language Arts students decided to take it one step further and write a short story of their own, “Mike Thaler from the Black Lagoon.” Each student designed and wrote a short story complete with illustrations, book cover, and plenty of puns (Mike Thaler's favorite).  The books all have a plot line of each student being fearful to meet Mike Thaler. Of course, after meeting this famous author, the students realize (in their stories) that he is a wonderful, inspiring man.

We loved sharing these masterpieces with Mr. Thaler during his visit!