Summer Tech Updates

Students and teachers will be welcomed back for the 2018-2019 school year with amazing technology updates! We will have 14 new laptops to deploy to teachers, which gives us 28 new faculty laptops in the past 2 years! We will have 80 brand new iPads on campus this year, plus all the accessories that go with them (updated HDMI projectors, Apple TVs, charging carts, adapters, and more).

To break all this tech awesomeness down:
  • All 6th graders will be assigned their own iPad Pro with a keyboard folio
  • All 4th and 5th graders will be assigned a brand new iPad with keyboard folio
  • All 4th-6th grade classrooms, including the science labs, will have Apple TVs and HDMI projectors so students and teachers can share their screens with the class
  • K - 3rd grade will each have a class set of iPads
  • Pre-K will share a set of classroom iPads
  • 10 brand new iPads will be available for check out in addition to the amazing things students will use them for during innovation lab time
  • A laptop cart will be available to check out
  • All 3rd through 6th grade teachers will receive a brand new iPad, while all ELP - 2nd grade teachers will utilize updated iPads
  • K - 6th grade teachers (including most resource teachers) will all have updated laptops
  • All assistant teachers in Pre-K through 1st grade will have laptops
All these new and updated devices hold phenomenal possibilities that lie ahead this school year.