Fifth Grade D.C. Trip

During the fifth grade year, students study the colonies' struggle for independence, the Revolutionary War, how our nation established its government, and the Civil War. Through these lessons, they build an incredible basis for their annual trip to Washington, D.C.

A long-time tradition, students and faculty chaperones embark for a week-long, sight-seeing adventure. While it's impossible to see everything our nation's capital has to offer, the students gained a great appreciation for the founders of our country, the sacrifices of the military, and the true meaning of freedom.

Traveling by bus and staying at the National 4-H Conference Center, the trip is designed for security, comfort, and educational opportunities. Led by a 4-H Educational Guide, a very detailed itinerary allows the group to maximize their experiences.

Some of the sites visited include: Arlington National Cemetery, The White House, The National Cathedral, Smithsonian Museums, Mount Vernon, Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, The Capitol, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, the National Zoo, and many, many, monuments (even viewing them at night). 

Each year, the St. Mark's fifth graders are also privileged to participate in many extra behind-the-scenes tours and meet-and-greets that are not typically open to the public or touring school groups. Students participate in laying a St. Mark's wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, go inside the White House and Supreme Court, and speak with Florida State elected officials.

This immersive trip gives students an eye-witness account of our nation's history and the ability to physically see and even  touch much of what they have learned about, building a lasting impression. In addition, not only is the trip extremely educational, it is an incredible bonding experience for the students and one that leaves a lifetime of memories. 

Complete photo albums are available for parents to download on their child's social studies page in OnCampus.