6th Grade Special Friendships

For the past six years St. Mark’s sixth graders have had the opportunity to frequently visit with students from The North Florida School of Special Education as a part of their Service Learning initiatives. Through their monthly visits they form touching relationships with children who have mild to moderate disabilities. Over the years, both schools have benefited hugely from this program.

"During the visits, we always do some kind of collaborative activity: music, craft, cooking, singing, etc." said sixth grade teacher, Brandi Akerstrom. "We also find time in each visit to play. It is important to socialize together in both formats - structured and non-structured. Our students have discovered the strengths, talents, and abilities of students their age who may socialize and/or learn differently. With monthly visits, we have the privilege to foster friendships for the entire school year. We love our time with our friends from the North Florida School of Special Education!"

During their most recent visit, the students took over the Commons for movement activities led by our music teacher, Susanne Dailey - ending up with a crazy dance party!

The sixth graders and the Intermediate North Florida Students have now had several opportunities to get to know each other this year. The smiles and laughter they experienced together are priceless and the memories will last a lifetime.