GIG - Guys Inspiring Guys

GRATEFUL FOR GIG from St. Mark's Episcopal Day School on Vimeo.

Our 4-6 grade GIG guys have had a wonderful year together after school participating in fun games and activities.

GIG began in 2015 after Katherine Nott, St. Mark's Christian Education Teacher and School Counselor, was asked by boys to become a part of the popular all-girls after school activity called, GIGGLES. She developed and tailored this program to boys' unique learning styles and appreciation for physical activity.

"We live in a culture that encourages competition among our young boys and praises coming out on top," said Mrs. Nott. "GIG is an opportunity for guys to gather for activities with an intentional focus on sportsmanship, teamwork, and encouraging one another."

The common thread between GIGGLES and GIG is being intentional about bringing out the best in one another and in doing so developing ones own character.

GIGGLES stands for Girls Inspiring Girls to Grow, Love, Empathize and Serve. Mrs. Nott started GIGGLES in Richmond in 2008, as a way to work with girls as they face the potential social tensions and added strain within peer relations that can emerge in the upper elementary school years. Since bringing the program to St. Mark's she has seen confidence grow and friendships strengthen through the afternoon gatherings that are filled with activities geared toward bringing out the best in one another.