Roaring Runners

For the past 8 weeks, PE coaches have been encouraging our K-6 students to run laps and educating them on how to train for the Ortega River Run. 

Students were given ten minutes two times a week at the start of their PE class to run (or walk) as many laps as they were able. The laps were tracked through individualized bar code bracelets scanned into an app. Awards of "feet" for charm bracelets were given to the students for the mileage they ran (6 laps = 1 mile).

In total, girls ran 1,128 miles; boys ran 1,379 miles; for a total of 2,507 miles (or 15,042 total laps)! That is the distance from Jacksonville to Boise, Idaho!

In addition, the top runners received awards during chapel this week:

1-3 Girls: Amelia W. (85 laps), Elli K. (83 laps)
4-6 Girls: Kathleen S. (125 laps), Suki B. (125 laps), Rivers C. (102 laps)
1-3 Boys: Thomas C. (125 laps), Jack K. (111 laps)
4-6 Boys: Ford R. (112 laps), Jack P. (112 laps)
Overall: Abram A. (136 laps), Graham S. (136 laps)

We're thrilled to have had one of the highest student participation rates at this run with 86% of our Kindergarten - sixth grade students running the races! We are so proud of all our students who participated in the 40th Ortega River Run 1-Mile or 5-Mile races!