Learning About Childhood Anxiety

An intriguing professional development meeting was held recently for faculty and staff. Dr. Anne Egan, a local pediatrician and parent of four St. Mark's graduates, spoke candidly on the increasingly important topic of childhood anxiety.

Dr. Egan offered her insight into the statistics she has seen grow over her 22 year career as a pediatrician, and the stressors which impact her patients. Teachers were able to take away a better understanding of the causes of childhood anxiety and some of the ways in which they can assist their students.

The meeting also helped affirm St. Mark's nurturing environment, as it is so important for children to know they are known, welcomed, loved, and enough. As for things parents can do to help prevent or ease anxiety: get adequate sleep; eat protein for breakfast; and give children lots of love and lots of limits.

Parents should always consult their child's pediatrician if they feel their child may be experiencing anxiety or depression.