Geography Bee Winners

The National Geographic Geography Bee began in 1989 and each year thousands of students compete to earn the title of National Champion, winning a $50,000 scholarship from National Geographic and a prize trip. 

St. Mark's held classroom bees in 4th-6th grade in early January. T
hirteen students advanced from the classroom bees to participate in our final in-school competition.

Examples of questions included: The source of the Danube river can be found in which forest? (The Black Forest); The Mosquito Coast is located in which country? (Nicaragua). We're so proud of our students who showed exemplary geographic knowledge.

Abram A. (5th) 1st place
Mason G. (4th) 2nd place
Richard N. (6th) 3rd place
Congratulations to all our participants: Ellie S., Mason G., Harrison S., Robert A., Reese Co., Gaston F., Abram A., William A., Lawsen C., Reese Cu., Ford R., Cole P., and Richard N. 
Abram now advances to take the qualifying test for the state bee.