Amazing Assistants

Amazing Lunchroom Assistants

St. Mark's kitchen staff has been blessed for several years by a partnership with the North Florida School of Special Education. Students in their Transitional Program have been working alongside our kitchen staff once a week to help prepare and serve lunches. The program is designed to provide North Florida's older students with continued education, focusing predominately on vocational and independent living skills while also honing in on the development of social skills, professional behavior and a strong work ethic.

This fall we've been joined by Ryan and Fletcher in our kitchen who have been outstanding in their work and have gotten to know our students. We'd like to thank and recognize them for their tremendous work ethic and the friendship they have shared with us. 

Ryan Smith, age 21, is a student at the North Florida School of Special Education and has been volunteering at St. Mark's since August. Ryan is a great volunteer with an amazing smile that can light up a room. He is an avid sports fan who loves to watch the Jaguars. Not only does he love to watch football, he has played on the North Florida School of Special Education's Unified Football team and FSCJ’s Basketball Team for the past 2 years. Ryan is a senior this year who hopes to return to NFSSE as a Post Graduate Student next year. Ryan says that working at St. Mark's has been a “fun experience!”
Fletcher Schaier, age 20, is completing his 2nd year at NFSSE and has been volunteering at St. Marks since August. Fletcher is also a member of NFSSE’s Unified Football team and enjoys being active in his community. Some of Fletcher’s hobbies are surfing, swimming, video games, reading, and attending church. Fletcher is a great friend to his classmates and works at St. Marks and Pet Paradise this semester where he is successful at both job sites!