The Secrets of the Office

by: Abbay M., Fifth Grade

Did you know there are hidden job descriptions for the employees in the office? From writing thank-you notes to dry cleaning, the work never ends. I spent a day investigating what truly goes on inside that big brick building. In addition to their day-to-day basic duties there are little-known hidden things these office employees do.

In the front office, Mrs. Letcher tries to find the true source of illness in all kids. She is able to identify whether it is a true fever or just a nervous tummy over a math test. In addition, Mrs. Trobaugh keeps everyone on schedule every day of the week.

Moving around downstairs, Mrs. Chunn spends a lot of time entering student data into the computer system, while Mr. Conklin knows what is going on everywhere - and if he doesn’t know about something, he soon will find out.

Walking up the flight of stairs, Mrs. Wingard takes the table cloths from every event to the dry cleaners. Mrs. Calhoun challenges all employees to wellness programs, she’s currently planning a hydration challenge for employees to drink lots of water. Mrs. Taylor buys all the school supplies for students and Mrs. Anastase writes thank-you notes to the donors of the Lion’s Pride Fund. Mrs. Kwartler tries to figure out how everyone in Ortega is related.

I took on this investigation as photojournalist for-a-day with Mrs. Hackett. Did you know she . . . well, I’ll just keep that a secret that only I know now that I’ve spent a day with her!