Innovation at the Pre-K Playdate

Pre-Kindergarten age students participated in a fun and interactive event led by St. Mark’s innovation and technology teacher, Sarah Chitwood, on Saturday, November 4. The Lori Schiavone Commons was set up with six innovation stations for parents and students to play and create. 

The award-winning Dash & Dot robots stole the show with their easy-to-use app. Students picked up an iPad and began directing their robot across the floor, pushing soccer balls, and maneuvering around obstacles. 

The Ozobot station featured tiny robots who followed color-coded paths. Students simply draw a path and their robot followed along.

Osmo and Tiggly stations had the students interacting with manipulatives in addition to playing learning games on iPads.

Virtual reality was featured at the Quiver station where students could color a picture and then see it come to life through the iPad app. 

Playdate participants also had the opportunity to watch a 3D printer in action while it printed a tic-tac-toe board. The morning ended with a drawing for the lucky participant to take home the game board and pieces.