Our 2017 Global Cardboard Challenge

We're raising a generation of innovators and problem solvers who can build whatever they imagine with only cardboard and tape. This year's Global Cardboard Challenge nurtured their creativity, curiosity, and innate passion for play.

Fourth through sixth grade students worked together in ten teams to dream, create, and execute an activity for their younger Kindergarten through third grade peers to play. They were given free range to a pile of cardboard and recyclable materials to complete their projects.

A wide variety of carnival and sporting style games were imagined. Team collaboration took many trial and error processes to refine the vision, and the ending results were incredible. 

On Friday, October 13 the teams set up their projects along Berg Field for a carnival-style afternoon of play. Kindergarten through third grade students delightfully participated in the fun with the guidance, help, and encouragement of the older students. 

It was a true celebration of the St. Mark's Episcopal Day School community of students coming together for an afternoon of creative play.