Super Summer Readers

This summer, Mr. Conklin challenged students entering third through sixth grade to read as much as possible. His challenge was met with much enthusiasm as the top readers, reaching at least a goal level of 1,700 (3rd grade) and 2,500 (4th-6th) pages, read a combined 152,949 pages!

The top readers in each grade level were:

6th Grade: Catherine N., 22,211 pages
5th Grade: William A., 6,810 pages
4th Grade: H B., 5,707 pages
3rd Grade: Gwynne L., 3,781 pages

All the "Super Summer Readers" were recognized in Wednesday chapel in front of their peers and parents.

Ella B., Robert M., Greyson M., Amelia W., Helen E., Gavin B., Thomas C., Max K., Mary Carol E., Marley M., David S., Ann C, Aubrey F., Jake K., Gwynne L., Ben D., H B., Harrison S., Stuart C., Tesla S., Mason G., Robert A., Margaret B., Dallis M., Ellie S., William A., Lily B., Maddox D., Payton M., Sam P., Claire W., Abram A., Gaston F., Lizzy G., Jack L., Sarah Frances M., Dillan M., Hannah M., Catherine N., Ella H., Ann Lowery E., Richard N., Sophie B., Declan M.