Head of School List

Congratulations to the students in fifth and sixth grade who received recognition on earning grades of A- or better during the third trimester of the 2016-17 school year. 

Fifth Grade Head of School List:
Declan M., Ford R., Catherine N., Kyle C., Madeleine W., Henry B., Ella H., Richard N., Kathleen S., Cole P., Ann Lowery E., Sam C., Emily C., Aidan S., Sophie B.

Sixth Grade Head of School List:
Jacob H., Cynthia Anne W., Kate B., Scott B., Bella M., Ciara S., Mary Elizabeth C., Luke A., Tom C., Kate A., Meg F., Everett S., Amelia D., Maggie B., Anne Catherine G., Andrew H., Savanna L., Ramsay W., Anna W., Kevin M., Kaelin S., Michael Scott B.