Second Grade Bike Rodeo

Our second graders have earned their Bicycle Licenses! A long-time tradition at St. Mark's, the Second Grade Bike Rodeo is held annually for students to learn bicycle safety, road rules, and proper riding technique. Once in third grade, students are allowed (and encouraged if it is possible) to ride their bikes to and from school.

Their morning began with a briefing from cycling instructors, Mr. and Mrs. Holstein, who explained to students how important it is to wear a helmet properly (besides it being the law), hand signals, and how to ride at an intersection.

Mark Fetzer, from Lake Shore Bicycles, put every student's bicycle through a thorough safety check to make sure it was in proper order and the tires were inflated.  

Students then rotated through a series of obstacle courses to work on their riding skills. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help with the morning!