Art in the City Updated

We are thrilled to showcase our students' artwork at several local businesses and here on our campus. Art is rotated several times during the school year, with selected pieces being returned home at the end of the year. Please be sure to visit these locations to view our artists' work on display!

Carithers Pediatrics
Harrison M., Laurel Ann P., Hall H., Sam P., Keegan R., Anna W., Cora Nancy A., Holland M., Troy D., Kendel B., Kaylee B., Simms B,. 

Goal Post
Davis T., Matthew M., Jane M., Maggie B., Stuart C., Julia O., Cade C., Lula Kate R., 

Jacksonville Pediatrics
Sawyer C., Ford R., Roe A., Mason G., Declan G., Tola B.

The Brick Restaurant
Phillip L., Cooper J., Claire W., Kate B., Benjamin B.

La Cena Restaurant
Matia D., Jordan B., Isabella B., Nathanial S., Ella H., Ann C., Rocco F., Emily C., Paloma D., Ella B., Finley M., Anna G., Declan M., Mimi D., Payton M.

Lori Schiavone Commons Gallery
Tom C., Mia L., Anna H., Lily P., Helen C., Reece L., Lex W., Sam B., Eloise S., Andrew H., Savannah F., Reece S., Jack H., Max K., Jackson H., Kathleen S., Audrey C., Julia C., Elena G., Teddy W., Jake K., ELoise L., Dillan M., Allie M., Lex W., Kalani L., 

Administrative Offices
Palmer R., Isabella L., Sydney H., Gwynne L., Charles H., Harrison S., Greyson B., Grey M., Kaelin S., Robert M., Blake S., Ethan Armani T., Madeleine W., William C., Presley M., Nevee H., Amare' T., Mason V., Lily P., Keegan R.,
Luke R., Grace H., Gray C., Elle S., Allie M., Sophie B., Annabelle O., Ramsay W., Everett S, Kate S., Cynthia Anne W., Aiden E., Maggie K., Charles T., Riley S.