Student Runners

We are so proud of all our students who participated in the 1-Mile and 5-Mile races this year! 

Complete photo galleries are available on the Ortega River Run Facebook page and videos and links can also be found here

 Place Finishers

Thomas C. - 1st Place 12 & Under
Reece S. - 3rd Place 12 & Under

5-Mile Girls

Suki B. - 2nd Place Age Group
McRae B.
Sarah Francis M.
Rivers C.
Julia D.
Payton M.
Anna G.
Leelah S.
Cate Wachholz '15 - 1st Place Age Group
Anna W. - 2nd Place Age Group
Saylor C. - 3rd Place Age Group
Kate A.
Reese C.
Kate B.
Bella M.
Meg F.
Amelia D.
Mason B.
Townsend M.
Mary Elizabeth C.
Nancy Grace Hudmon '12 - 3rd Place Age Group

5-Mile Boys
Ford R. - 1st Place Age Group
Adams G. - 2nd Place Age Group
Jack P. - 3rd Place Age Group
Cooper G. 
Matt P.
Matias D.
Gavin G.
Greyson M.
Teddy W.
Roy H.
Reece S.
Mason G.
Gavin B.
William B.
Michael L.
Jack Adams '15
Tripp Gibbs '16
Geoffrey Risley '16
Scott B.
Kevin M.
Jacob H.
Ben M.
Mateo Howard '14 - 1st Place Age Category
John Wright Stanly '14
William Cook '14
Caden McCowan '15
Stuart McAfee '15
Sam Boyd '15