Teachers Attend Technology Conference

Last week sixth grade teacher, Brandi Akerstrom, and technology integrator, Sarah Chitwood, attended FETC (Future of Education Technology Conference) in Orlando. As the largest, national, independent education technology conference, it annually attracts thousands of education and technology leaders from around the world. Delivering strategies and best practices for student success and school wide advancement, FETC is known as one of the nation’s premier education technology events.

Our teachers, pictured with Moby from BrainPop, spent their days attending solution-packed sessions and in-depth workshops to make sure St. Mark's is not only keeping pace with our students but also applying the latest technologies and techniques in the classroom. They have returned inspired with fresh ideas and innovative approaches to implement school-wide.

As with every professional devolopment opportunity that St. Mark's faculty attend, they have brought back what they learned and will soon be presenting many of their best take-aways from the conference to all faculty and staff. 

St. Mark's has an incredible commitment to ensuring 100% of faculty and staff are given and participate in professional development each year. FETC is just one of the many opportunities our teachers have taken advantage of this year.