Abraham Lincoln Essay Winner

Fifth graders recently enjoyed a visit to the Main Library in Downtown Jacksonville to hear a presentation from Abraham Lincoln himself. Hosted by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in Florida, Lincoln's performance (by actor Dennis Boggs) informed the students of the President's life and accomplishments. 

Click here to read the Florida Times-Union's coverage of the event, featuring a quote and photograph of St. Mark's students.

Along with the presentation, the Colonial Dames held a district-wide essay contest on "Why is Abraham Lincoln so greatly admired?" St. Mark's fifth grader, Madeleine W., was recognized at the presentation for her winning submission (published below).

Madeleine W.
St. Mark’s Episcopal
Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, is even today, admired and beloved for many reasons. Some of those being for the abolition of slavery, and also that he was president in one of the worst periods in American history, the Civil War. He was widely regarded as a man of faith and honesty, by which he earned the nickname, “Honest Abe.” His presidency, his calm leadership, and his speaking ability, transformed him from a historical figure to a practically mythological national hero.

However, the reason for which Abraham Lincoln most deserves admiration is his morality. Even though America was fractured and wounded from the years of the War Between the States, he found a way to heal and reunify the country. Had there been a different president in office during the Civil War, the States may have never again been United. Lincoln believed that forgiveness and kindness must be shown to the South after the war, despite that most Northerners favored punishment. He saw no future for the country without first healing the wounds of war.

Unfortunately, Lincoln was killed before seeing his second term. But his desire for forgiveness carried on even after his death. While George Washington may be considered the father of this country, and Jefferson the visionary of the constitution, without Lincoln, the United States would just be a page in a history book, instead of the living, breathing country it is today.