Spelling Bee Winner Advances

Congratulations to Spelling Bee winner, Kyle C., who will represent St. Mark's in the next stage of the Duval County Spelling Bee. It was a close match as he went many rounds head-to-head with runner up, Catherine N., before eventually winning with the word "INTESTATE." 

UPDATE 1/18/17:
Kyle has advaced through the written competition to the District Oral Spelling Bee on January 19, 2017, 5:00 p.m. at Julia Landon Preparatory College Preparatory School. Go Kyle! 

St. Mark's Spelling Bee Finalists
Fifth Graders: Emily C., Kyle C., Ella H., Cole P., Henry B., Sam C., Catherine N., Ford R., Lexie S., Madeleine W.

Sixth Graders: Kate A., Annie A., Scott B., Saylor C., Tom C., Julian G., Adriana H., Ben M., Bella M.,
Ciara S., Anna W.