5th Grade Celebrates World Peace on Channel 4 - River City Live

We are excited to announce that River City Live on WJXT - Channel 4 will air a story about our fifth graders tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21, between 11am - 12 noon.
Last spring, as fourth graders, led by teachers Brooks Gallagher and Bridgett Stroud, the Class of 2018 declared, “World Peace!” On Wednesday, which is The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) recognized by the General Assembly of the United Nations, these students will be featured on River City Live for their contribution to world peace through their understanding of the complexity of international relations experienced during the World Peace Game. In fulfilling our mission “to prepare children to learn and to lead,” these students have shown that, through their experiences and education at St. Mark’s, they are well on their way to success.

St. Mark’s is one of only a handful of schools in the country to participate in the World Peace Game created by fourth grade teacher, John Hunter.  Mr. Hunter developed the game for his students in Charlottesville, VA as a way to introduce them to real world problems while teaching them valuable skills such as collaboration, team work, negotiation and problem solving.  The game deals with the intertwining of natural resources, economic resources, human resources, and national defense through a variety of crises such as population challenges, scarce resources, and negotiation. Children must use their imagination and creative thinking in order to find their way out of these crises and establish world peace.

St. Mark’s is only 1 of 2 schools in Florida to participate in the World Peace Games and we are so proud of what our students and teachers have accomplished. Their recognition tomorrow is only the beginning of what we expect to see from this talented group of children.

About International Day of Peace
The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution 36/37, the General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to“commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.” 
Learn more about International Day of Peace here: http://internationaldayofpeace.org/

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