Eight Faculty are Alumni

This year we have eight faculty who attended St. Mark's for their elementary school years! 

Pictured L to R: Chrissy (Lane) Boozer '89, Elizabeth (Stovall) Momberg '94, Anne (Cassidy) Brent '93, Jennie (Trimble) Busey '91, Holly (Hepler) Joyner '93, Brooks (Ball) Gallagher '87, Claire Pulignano '99, Sarah (Bryan) Holyer '91.

Several of these alumni teachers have worked here for many years and others are new to the community this year, including first grade teacher Claire Pulignano. "I have the fondest memories of being a student at St. Mark's. I am now excited to contribute to the growth and development of St. Mark's students and hope to provide them with positive and engaging experiences. I also love that I have the opportunity to teach first graders in the same classroom in which I was taught!"

Chrissy Boozer, an ELP I assistant teacher, previously taught at St. Mark's as a Pre-K assistant teacher for many years before taking some time to be a mom. "I am most excited about being back on staff with my St. Mark's family and thankful to be able teach and still be an active & involved parent."

Pre-K I teacher, Elizabeth Momberg, says "I'd loved being back at St. Marks and seeing the teachers who taught me who are still teaching! It proves how much they love and are devoted to the school. I hope they are still teaching when my daughter gets older. What a story that would be!"