Teachers Receive Masters of Ed. in Reading

Congratulations to second grade teacher, Kelly Risdon, and Learning Specialist Team teacher, Traci Salari, who graduated with honors (Phi Kappa Phi) from Jacksonville University's Master of Education in Reading Education on Saturday, April 30.

This degree specializes in the theories and new brain-based science of reading, instructional research best practice, literacy coaching, and curriculum design/review/implementation. 

According to Traci Salari, "It is important that we, as educators, set an example for our students of what lifelong learning looks like. Modeling the joy of learning and carrying a book in hand is an important visual that today's children need to see. It can often be lost in this digital age. It is also imperative that students see adults set goals, persevere through challenges, and achieve. I have enjoyed modeling this master's journey with my own children, as well as, my students. St. Mark's has already benefited from this advanced degree.  We have put research best practice into place through the DRA 2+ and guided reading. We know now more about the whole child as a reader and can specifically pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in reading behaviors and skills."