Saving the St. Johns Together

Learning about the St. Johns River and why it is so important to us is the focus of the fourth grade service learning. The students have been studying what makes it unique, how it affects our landscape, and what we can do to protect it.

Jennie Busey '91, Education Director for St. Johns Riverkeeper, visited the fourth grade students on Friday, February 19, to discuss problems facing the St. Johns River. S
t. Johns Riverkeeper is dedicated to the restoration of the St. Johns River by addressing and resolving issues that are impacting its health. After watching and participating in a demonstration by Mrs. Busey, the students problem solved in groups and shared their thoughts on ways they could help protect the St. Johns River.

On March 11, the fourth grade students went on a field trip to Jacksonville University. They were able to visit the Marine Science Research Institute and learn more from Jennie Busey about the St. Johns River.

All are welcome to join them on Saturday, March 19, at 9 a.m. to help clean up Stockton Park and keep our river healthy. Volunteers will be provided with gloves and garbage bags.