Visiting Author, Kelly DiPucchio

The New York Times Bestselling Author visited our students!
Students in Pre-K II through sixth grade were treated to a special visit from Kelly DiPucchio, author of several children’s books.

The fun and interactive presentations were tailored to each grade level grouping. She spoke about ideas, how she finds them, and how any idea can become a story. Going through several of her titles, she told students what her inspirations were for each – family members, the weather, and even a Queen.

She also talked to our students about the importance of perseverance. While holding a stack of over 200 rejection letters, she said she had been told, “no,” many times, but she persisted and found success.

Imparting another meaningful lesson, she told students about the book writing process and how she may do over 30 draft revisions before producing a final copy.
In anticipation of her visit, many classes read her books and completed projects and artwork. Come by the library sometime soon to see our students’ wonderful work!