Beginning New Friendships

Sixth graders began their year of service learning forming new friendships with students from the North Florida School of Special Education.

St. Mark’s sixth graders are given the opportunity to visit with students from The North Florida School of Special Education several times during the school year. For their first visit, the students traveled to the school located on the southside of town. The goal of this service learning is for our students to experience building relationships and spending time with children who have intellectual differences.

After pairing off and making introductions, the students headed to the school’s greenhouse to work on a terrarium project together. The greenhouse was busy with action and kids working together digging in sand, rocks, and dirt.

The rest of the visit was spent playing on the playground together. The students enjoyed games of tag, swinging on swings, and exploring the gardens. The St. Mark’s students’ gentle, encouraging voices were priceless, and the genuine joy shared between the students exuded pure goodness, love, peace, patience, gentleness, and kindness.  We are very blessed with the opportunity to have this experience, and the students are looking forward to their next visit, hosting the NFSSE students here on our campus in November.