Entering Second Grade

  • Summer Reading Club: Challenge yourself to read every day during the summer for 20-30 minutes and mark your progress on the calendar. This includes listening to reading, reading to self, reading to someone or being read to.
  • Writing: Write about 3 “small moment” stories for each month of the summer (June, July, and August) on the Writers’ Workshop paper provided. You will be able to share a favorite story with the class when we meet in August.
  • Spelling: Complete a minimum of 4 spelling assignments over the summer on Spelling City.
  • Summer math packet: Designed for your child to complete one practice session for each week of summer. The problems will provide a review of concepts learned this year and ensure confidence upon return in August
  1. Suggestion: Reinforce number sense and math concepts through Khan Academy 
  • Practice your math facts to 20 (addition and subtraction) for a minimum of 30 minutes per week 
  1. Students  use their current student login for Xtramath to assess and track  individualized math fact progress at Xtramath
  2. Other Suggestions include: Math Fact Master and Math Tappers  
Rising 2nd Grade Expectations:

  • Read a variety of texts including fiction, non-fiction, fables, and poetry.
  • Understand the structure of a story and specifically, beginning, middle, and end
  • Write using proper punctuation and capitalization
  • Write using proper letter formation
  • Understand number bonds
  • Immediate recall of addition and subtraction facts to 20
  • Understand tens and ones