Entering Fourth Grade

  • The Gollywhopper Games, by Jody Feldman
  • Students will complete comprehension packet for The Gollywhopper Game
  • Students will keep a book log and read a minimum of 1,000 pages
(Comprehension packet and book log available to download and print under the Printables section.)
Mr. Costello’s Reading Challenge page requirement:  2,500 pages
  • Students will use their student login (sent home in May) to assess and track individualized math fact progress at Xtramath
  • Reinforce math concepts through Khan Academy
Sample rising 4th grade expectations:
  • Make connections between people, events, or important ideas in a text
  • Read grade-level texts with accurate comprehension, pacing, and expression
  • Know how to read and prepare for a class discussion
  • Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20, Multiplication and Division Facts to 10
  • Explain thinking and solutions to math equations and word problems both verbally and through writing