Entering Sixth Grade


Please choose one of the following:
  • 90 Miles to Havana by Enrique-Galbis
  • A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle
  • The Seven Most Important Things by Shelley Pearsall
  • Football Genius by Tim Green
 Be prepared to:
  • Complete a book project during the first week of school
  • Complete a comprehension “check” during first week of school 
  • Boy of the Painted Cave by Justin Denzel (available for check out)
  • Be prepared to take an online quiz on this book during the first week of school
  • Write a one page, typed summary of the book (12 point, Arial font, double spaced). In your summary describe the setting, the major characters, the conflict, and resolution of the novel. Make a connection between your life and the feelings or experiences of Tao (Due 8/20)
Watch Genevieve von Petzinger’s Ted Talk: Why are these 32 symbols found in ancient caves all over Europe?

Mr. Costello’s Reading Challenge page requirement: 2500 pages recorded on the book log (available under printables) 

  • Students will use their current student login for ImagineMath to complete the assigned summer pathway. Please set aside time to complete a lesson each week.
  • Students must know multiplication facts 2-12 and will take a test on this the first week of school.
A sample of rising 6th grade expectations:
  • Problem solve
  • Read complex text fluently with good comprehension
  • Use strategies to clarify when a text is not understood
  • Identify conflict, climax, and resolution in a story
  • Write an organized paragraph
  • Use problem solving strategies to solve real-world math problems
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and decimals
  • Find the area of two-dimensional shapes
  • Multiplication and Division Facts to 20
  • Have a sense of variable and equations
  • Understand data analysis