Legacy Families

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  • What are some of the memories you have from being a student at St. Mark’s?

    • I was part of the inaugural class when St. Mark’s started its school program way those many years ago. My mother, Sally Evans, was one of the trustees. It was a great experience from the start. I remember playing kickball across the street at Stockton Park.  – Tucker Evans, ’75
    • The library had orange leather “whistle” chairs that were basically floor cushions that looked like a whistle. – Raymur Rachels, ’79
    • Friends, who are still friends today!  – Cara Bowyer, '86
  • What has changed the most over the years?

    • The campus. Our classes were held in the existing St. Mark’s Church buildings. Rev. Barnum McCarty and his family lived in the current Admissions Building and it was a very close knit community. Most of us rode our bikes to school.  – Jennifer Hanigan, ’74
    • The facilities – resources and technology – Todd Olgetree, ’82
  • What has stayed the same?

    • The library still looks and smells the same! And, of course, the huge live oak tree to the side of Berg Field that I sat under after many fun games of four square. I rested on its knotty roots when I was a child, and both of my boys have played under it as well. – Carol Chafin, ’81
    • Chapel is almost exactly the same. Some of the songs are different and the church has been remodeled, but it my most consistent memory. The excellence of the teachers and staff are the same. The reason that I sent my children to St. Mark’s is because of the loving and caring environment that still exists today and I truly believe is unique to St. Mark’s  – Jennifer Hanigan, ’74
  • What made you decide to come back to St. Mark’s for your children?

    • I knew there was no other place in town that could offer my children an opportunity to learn and be nurtured the way that St. Mark’s could. – Amy Perkins, ’85
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