St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School was founded in 1970 as an outreach mission of the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. The school was originally created as a non-profit Christian school, located on the grounds of the church. The purpose of the school was to provide children with the finest quality education and citizenship training, given by dedicated teacher within a strong Christian environment. The founders of the school were committed to this concept of providing a balanced educational program for the spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional growth of each child. Father Robert Clingman was the Rector of St. Mark’s at the time of the school’s founding.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Day School began to serve children on September 1, 1970, opening with one class for each grade, one through six. The opening enrollment was 107. The classes were held in rooms within the church facility, and the school soon experienced growing pains! Adjacent properties were acquired allowing for further expansion including the addition of a pre-school.

A new Rector, Father Barnum McCarty, arrived at St. Mark’s in 1972, and helped to refine the concept of the parish day school as an outreach mission of the church. Mr. Lucius Buck, well known attorney, and former chairman of the Board of Regents for Episcopal Day Schools in the Diocese of Florida, stated, “We have our Lord’s command – Go Teach”! He highlighted the longstanding and strong tradition of Episcopal schools, and pointed out the tradition of church schools throughout Christian history, preserving education, knowledge and the propagation of the Gospel.